Thursday, March 20, 2014

Does an Indie Author Need a Press Release?

There are many valuable ways to let your audience and the rest of the world know the breaking news about a book and a press release is just one of them. Up front, let’s say that a press release is not for everyone and it’s not appropriate for every single occasion. For the indie author who really has something to share, it can be a useful tool. You’ll want to save the press release for noteworthy occurrences such as when you release your latest book or have something that is interesting or appealing to your audience. A press release just for the sake of sending one out is not going to be effective; so save it for truly monumental or outstanding happenings.

Why should the indie author issue a press release?
A press release is a method used for distributing news to an intended audience. For the indie or self publishing author, a press release can be a useful marketing strategy. The primary benefits of choosing to use press releases include:
  • Gaining publicity
  • Increasing site traffic
  • Improving website rankings in search engines
When should the indie author publish a press release?
A press release can be written whenever there is something eventful that occurs. The primary reason a self-published author might publish a press release is when they are releasing a new book. But there are other times when a press release is useful. Here are a few events that are newsworthy and deserve a press release:
  • Introducing a new book
  • Celebrating the anniversary of a release
  • Receiving an award
  • Releasing a book in a new region
  • Launching a website
  • Announcing upcoming titles or releases
What information should the press release include?
The first thing a press release needs is an interesting title that gets to the point. Just below the title is a subtitle, which offers the reader a fleshy summary of the reason for the press release. The first paragraph of a press release should describe the basics: who, what, where, when and how. The first paragraph should contain the bulk of the information intended for the reader so that if they stop there and do not read any further they will get the basics. The first paragraph is the “news” and the other paragraphs expand that news and offer support through statements, facts or quotes. The final portions of a well written press release will contain pertinent links, such as to your website or the page where the book can be purchased.

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