Monday, March 17, 2014

Book Promotion for Indie Authors – Posting Books

For the indie author, book promotion can be a huge task. One of the best resources to make the task somewhat easier or at least more manageable is to post your book on various sites online. Book posting sites are a great tool to use to get your books into the view of the reading community. There are a lot of different types of sites that allow indie authors to post their books, or excerpts from their books. Many of them charge a standard fee for this promotional service and some are totally free. It is important to note that posting books must be managed similarly to social media sites. It’s not possible or reasonable to use all of them. But in order to generate some new interest in your book(s) you might consider using this great online promotional resource. Here are a few of the sites that can help you get your books in front of an interested audience.

Book Daily
This site allows self-publishing authors to set up an account for free. By joining this online community the author can post the first chapter of any of their books for readers to review, a bio with a photo, link to your website or blog and even a video about the book.

Indie Author News
This site is useful for helping the indie author promote their books but they have tons of other features as well. They offer specific features like the Indie Book of the Day, Free Book of the Day, new book releases, and book features that are specifically designed to assist indie authors in promoting their books.

For a small fee, indie authors can post their books on Once the fee is paid an author can post as many books as they want on the site. The AskDavid crew will create a book promotion page, and link to your social media and web sites. Visitors to the site are allowed and encouraged to provide reviews of books and their quotes can be used on the author’s own website. For such a small fee, this site has a lot to offer the indie author in the way of book promotion.

Book Goodies
Book Goodies provides a platform onto which authors can submit their books. This is one of the sites which offers free book posting. The site organizers are attempting to give indie authors a chance to be seen by readers and obtain honest reviews about their books. They also encourage interaction between authors and readers.

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