Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Building Professional Relationships with Other Authors

There can be an immediate sense of camaraderie among authors. They face the same challenges day after day and therefore they understand each other. But let’s face it – most writers live tucked away in their studios or offices working on their next masterpiece. How are they ever supposed to meet up? Fortunately, there are several social platforms and author sites that offer a place for indie authors to meet and learn from one another.

Value of Writer Relationships
There really is good reason for authors to develop professional relationships with other authors. According to a study on professional relationships conducted by the University of California, LA,* there are several reasons to foster relationships with like professionals and they include:
  • It’s refreshing, inspiring and rejuvenating.
  • They value the work you do.
  • They believe what you do to be interesting.
  • They can ask all of the right questions.
  • They totally understand you!
Where to get Started
There are tons of sites designed to cater to authors and help them build relationships with other like minded authors. Which ones you select will depend largely on your personal preferences. Most of them provide a platform through which self published authors can interact with both authors and readership. Here are a few top author sites or organizations that are great places to start.

Alliance of Independent AuthorsDesigned specifically for the self-publishing author. There are four levels of membership: associate, author, professional and partner. You will find a very diverse community of self-published authors.

Association of Independent Authors – Dedicated to “representing, advancing, promoting and supporting” indie authors on an international level.

AuthorLink – A well rounded site that offers indie authors a variety of services, including interaction with other authors, author interviews, and a host of free and premium services.

AuthorShout – A great site to connect with both authors and readers on an international level. Besides opportunities to interact with other authors, the site has many other benefits such as free book promotion, how-to-guides, and promotion packages.
* Source: The Academy of Management Journal © 2000 Academy of Management  


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