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How to Be a Successful Translator

How to Be a Successful Translator

Passion for languages… this is something all translators have in common. Even before becoming a skilled and professional translator, these people have a predisposition for languages. These people will turn out to be pretty much effective translators. Clearly, this predisposition for languages will be reflected in a smoothness in no less than two languages. Many people label this as a ‘gift’ from birth. However, this is not the sole precondition of becoming a good translator. A good translator should learn and practice the skills all the time. One of the most important preconditions for becoming a skilled translator is the profound knowledge of one's own particular mother tongue. But, the unconditional love for languages truly is one of the main prerequisites, as no one wants to work in a sphere he or she does not like. If one wants to be a good translator, here are some great tips to follow.

Know yourself

Before choosing the profession, you must be aware of yourself, your temper, your skills, your strong points. If you feel the power, the passion for the language, if you see that you manage to learn a new language easily, then you are likely to become a good translator. Picking a specialty that fits your interests and identity will make you more joyful for the rest of your life.

Know the languages

Of course, number one precondition of becoming a successful translator. You should master the languages you learn. There are many ways to maintain and develop the language skills, like:
·         Reading in all languages
·         Watching TV and listening to the radio, audiobooks, and music in the second or third language
·         Practicing public speaking skills (in all languages)
·         Developing writing and research skills
·         Enhancing analytical skills

Get certified

The other crucial thing to do in order to become successful is to get certified. Having a document that proves that you are a specialist will make people confident in your proficiency. Many universities offer advanced degrees and professional certifications in translation.

Gain experience

The other step towards becoming successful is gaining experience. Experience is always quite important. All the clients tend to hire a person, who is experienced. You can take extra classes in interpreting or translation, you can apply for internships or become a volunteer. It is vital to get experience to allow you to demonstrate your abilities to potential customers and gather feedback. One terrific way to get experience is by creating your own translation project by translating books that you choose at Babelcube.

Learn to meet deadlines

The other crucial thing is to manage to meet the deadlines. Most of the time, you will be rushed to finish your task earlier than you would like. So, you must be ready for such kinds of situations.

Keep learning

As you advance as a translator, there are different ranges to consider also. There can be many different fields, in which you should get knowledge about in order to create a wonderful translation. You should be ready to learn many new things each day, particularly if you are a freelance translator. For instance, one day you may be asked to do a translation in the medical sphere. You must have excellent knowledge and a rich vocabulary, which will continue to improve as you work.
We hope these tips would help you in the future!
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