Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Looking for Beta Testers!!!

We continue developing our platform and we have now opened the possibility to create a full account with all your user details. If you registered with us to receive email updates, you can now go to and create your account.

We are also looking for Beta Testers, authors who may be interested in translating their books and translators who may be interested in translating them. Those books selected for this beta stage will have a number of advantages:

  • We will pay the translators a stipend, additional to any royalties they may earn through our platform. With this, we want to make sure that translations are done quickly and with great quality
  • We will pay for a professional proofreader to review these translations
  • The books will be part of our initial marketing push and we will invest in promoting them via many different channels

We are looking for books with the following characteristics:
  • Adult fiction (any genre is welcome)
  • Published in English or Spanish
  • Published in or with good sales and reviews
We are looking for translators who can translate from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English.

If you have published a book with these characteristics or if you can translate in those languages and want to be considered to join our Beta program, you need to take two steps:
  • Register at Babelcube
  • Fill in the form that you will see in your account page to request an invite

Many thanks for participating!

The Babelcube Team