Monday, April 7, 2014

Why Every Indie Author Needs A Blog

As an indie author you most likely understand the importance of maintaining a website, but do you need a blog as well? It is certainly well worth consideration. Let’s face it, blogging the right way is a time consuming process. Who has the extra time to sink into keeping up with multiple posts on a blog each week? Wouldn't it be more productive to spend the amount of time that must be invested in blogging on your latest project? Many authors consider blogging as a distraction, a waste of time, and totally unproductive. These reasons are certainly worth thinking about. However, if you do a blog right, then there are benefits that will make the work worth the hassle. Here are just a few of the benefits that a self-published author is likely to experience from a well maintained blog.

Blogging Helps You Connect With Your Existing Audience
By blogging on a regular basis you offer another opportunity for readers to connect with you. They most likely connect with the characters in your book or enjoy your writing already and blogging allows for another way to connect on a more personal basis. A blog allows you to become a “real” person to your readership. Those who have already experienced your books are likely to want to connect with you and learn more about what makes you tick. Blogs offer a safe environment for sharing with your audience and you can always choose how much or how little you want to share with your readers.

Blogging Attracts New Readers
The internet has created a platform that makes it a lot easier to connect with a variety of people. Blogs are a useful tool for establishing new connections and are commonly used in conjunction with social media accounts, like Twitter and Facebook, to broaden exposure. For authors who are planning on self-publishing globally, such as translating their works via a service like Babelcube, to reach an international audience, a blog can be a very good strategy.

Blogging Often Increases Sales
A blog that is updated on a regular basis can be used to increase traffic on your main website and book listings. In your blog posts, include links to your site and places your books can be purchased to help interested readers find your materials. Blogs allow indie authors the opportunity to share with their audience when they are publishing a new book, or starting to work on a new project. It can also be cross-linked with various other sites which might include videos, webinars, or audio recordings. Blogs can help extend your reach as an author and promote additional sales to your existing readership.

Blogging Provides A Platform To Showcase Your Expertise
When you maintain a blog on a regular basis you will establish your personal brand. And as you continue writing in your own niche, you will continue to build connections with your readership and your ideal audience. This puts you in the perfect position to promote all of your books, conferences, videos and your primary website.

Happy blogging!

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