Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How Indie Authors Can Obtain Book Reviews

We know that reviews have the potential to sell books; but can you count on family or friends to provide the best reviews of your books? While your friends and family most likely mean well, it’s better to obtain reviews from a less personal and unbiased audience. As an author, your readers are a great resource for providing honest reviews about your books, but there are many review sites that can provide valuable reviews or lists of reviewers. Some of the book review sites charge fees for reviews while some of them are free. It’s important to select a reputable sites that will give the reviews some weight and validity. 

Value Of Book Reviews
There is not really a way to put a definitive value on book reviews; however, it's suffice to say that they are extremely valuable and a great way to help generate sales. Nothing can replace a well written review that speaks highly of your creation. If you are uncertain about how important seemingly simple book reviews can be, ask John Locke. He self-published books using Amazon and wasn’t moving enough books by his estimation. He was using the standard social media platforms, with a focus on blogging and twitter, but not seeing a sharp increase in sales. He decided to purchase 300 reviews in order to increase the appearance of his fan club and it worked. His sales literally skyrocketed. Readers pay attention to what other readers are saying about books, reviews are a great tool for selling more books.

Where To Find Reviewers
The trouble many indie authors have is finding people who are willing to post reviews about their books. But, there are ways to make the process of building reviews easier. There are plenty of sites through which indie authors can find reputable reviewers for their books. Some sites are free to join and others charge a nominal fee.

Here are a few of the top sites to find reviewers for your indie book:
  • Blue Ink Review
  • Choice Review Online
  • Forward Reviews
  • Kirkus
  • Midwest Book Review
  • Reader’s Favorite
  • Self-Publishing Review
You may also find it beneficial to check out Amazon’s Top Reviewers. Simply locate the reviewers who have a history of reviewing books in your genre and contact them. Be certain to let them ask for a copy of your book before sending it to them. Another notable site is Book Review Broker, which offers a unique method for obtaining book reviews.

Finding Lists of Reviewers Online
There are several sites that offer lists of reputable book reviewers. On these sites, indie authors will find numerous reviewers who have a reputation for honest reviews of books. Each site is slightly different in the way they approach sharing the list of reviewers with self-published authors.

Here is a list of sites that provide reviewer lists, along with a brief description.
  • 101 Best Blogs for Book Reviews – This list includes blogs that feature book reviews of books from many genres.
  • Book Blogger Directory – This site includes a very detailed list of book blogs, all of which are dedicated to discussing books.
  • Book Blogs – Book Blogs is about online communities on which members' interactions are all about books: reading, writing, blogging or publicizing.
  • The Indie Reviewer List – For those looking for a list of individuals who review indie books for free. This list includes readers who actively post reviews and are not affiliated with any publishers.
  • Step-by-Step Self Publishing Reviewer List – Developed specifically for the self-published author, this site provides lists of independent reviewers.

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