Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our beta is closed. These are the books which will participate

We had a wonderful response to our call for beta testers. It was difficult to choose between so many talented authors and translators. We would like to thank everybody who joined our site and submitted an invite request.

These are the books we have chosen for our initial test:

From English to Spanish:

The Steel Van Man

by Jason P. Stadtlander

Translated by Kevin Peralta

God´s Forge

by Patrick Dorsey

Translated by Rocío Gutierrez

Eternal Vows

by Chrissy Peebles

Translated by Celia Cordón

From Spanish to English:


by Iván Hernández

Translated by Rachel Kinley

La Lluvia es una Canción sin Letra

by Ángel Gil Cheza

Translated by Ciara Hennessy

El Asesino de la Vía Lactea

by Gabriel Martínez

Translated by Max Zalewski

Hope you like them!

We continue working on our platform, we expect to open it to all of you in a few months. Our first step will be to open the possibility for authors to upload information about the books they want to translate. Keep an eye on us!



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