Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Let Translators Find Your Books!

We are excited to announce that Babelcube has launched functionality to let authors post information about books they wish to have translated. Functionality for translators to submit offers to translate these books will be available soon.

If you are an author, we invite you to add the books  that you want translated to the Babelcube marketplace. This will ensure that your books will be among the first group considered, once translators start submitting their offers to translate and partner with authors. Make sure to provide all relevant information about each book, including information about sales, rankings and anything else that could make the book attractive for translators. If you wish, you can provide a book excerpt so that translators can evaluate the book style and submit a test translation. 

We encourage you to introduce Babelcube to authors you know who may be interested in having their books translated and sold in global markets. As the variety of books at Babelcube grows, so will the quality and number of translators.

If you are a translator, stay tuned for more news! Soon you will be able to browse the books waiting to be translated and submit your offers.

The Babelcube Team


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