Tuesday, May 6, 2014

LinkedIn for Authors

There are a myriad of social media platforms and each of them provide benefits for authors. The particular social sites that an author chooses will depend on their personal taste, marketing strategies, and how they desire to connect with their audience. LinkedIn is one social platform that can be an effective and beneficial tool in the hand of an author.

Why LinkedIn Is Different
LinkedIn is one of the more popular social media sites available today. However, it has a very different flavor than most of the other popular social sites. LinkedIn is designed for social networking in the business community. It’s the largest social media platform that is geared toward the professional. Its design is such that professionals are able to connect with others in the same industry, for example. You may be asking how an indie author can use LinkedIn for marketing their books. There are actually several ways to use LinkedIn successfully.

LinkedIn Profiles
One way to use LinkedIn effectively is through the use of your profile. It is important that you update your status on a regular basis. If you are an indie author, for example, by including information relevant to the self publishing industry, you’ll demonstrate that you are actively involved and knowledgeable. Always use a current photo of yourself and make sure that it is a clear headshot. Be sure to fill out all of the fields including some of the newer ones like courses, publications or projects. Use relevant keywords to update the jobs field. By using relevant keywords in descriptions and titles you increase the likelihood of your profile showing up in search engine results. Make sure to keep your interests updated as well. Update your Amazon reading list, slideshows, and of course your blog. Your headline and summary are where profile visitors will get their first impression so make sure that they are creative and catchy.

Updating Your Status
Use timely and relevant information to update your status on a regular basis. You might include a sneak peak of your coming projects, speak of industry trends, discuss fast breaking news or even ask a question. By asking questions, you are likely to increase participation of others. If you want others to participate and be engaged, limit the length of your status to 50 characters. Typically, with an update it is good to include a web link, such as to your blog, a video or a website. Stay engaged with those who respond to your updates. Always be a part of the conversation by reacting to other’s comments or asking questions.

Using Groups On LinkedIn
One of LinkedIn’s finer qualities is in their groups. It’s important to select a number of relevant groups to join. You want to join only the number that you can reasonably be active in and don’t join just for the sake of joining. LinkedIn groups offer a great resource for making connections with likeminded individuals and creating enduring relationships. By being active in LinkedIn groups you can develop a good rapport with many other authors and readers. The key to success on LinkedIn, just like any other social site, is to stay actively involved.


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