Monday, April 28, 2014

Creating a Sell Sheet for Indie Authors

A sell sheet is an important detail for the self-publishing author. In essence, it contains all of the details pertaining to the book. It will include items such as the price, ISBN/ASIN, a synopsis, reviews, blurbs and an author bio. It may also contain details such as how many pages are contained in the book and where it can be purchased. Some indie authors like to include a photo to add a more personal touch. Basically, a sell sheet is a document that is similar to a brochure that has all the information about the book in one location. 

What is a Sell Sheet Used for?
A sell sheet is simply a tool to help promote your book. It can be useful for presenting your book In some cases, a sell sheet is used in accordance with a media kit. It’s more than a press release, which simply focuses on the news pertaining to the book. A sell sheet is similar to an announcement, but it explains the book and its details from a marketing perspective.

Publishing Details
You will put the title of the book at the top of the sell sheet and in the upper left hand corner you’ll want to place a thumbnail of the book cover. This is more than just an aesthetic feature; it also gives the reader a visual reference for your book. On the right side of the sell sheet you’ll want to list the publishing details about the book including these items:
  • Title (it’s okay to state it again!)
  • Author
  • Category or subject of the book
  • ISBN
  • Format including e-versions and print
  • Date of publication
  • Number of pages in the book
  • Price
  • Book dimensions
  • Where the book can be purchased
  • Languages the book is available in

A sell sheet will also contain a synopsis of the book. It is advisable to write two or three different descriptions about your book, ranging from short to fairly long, so that you have a suitable version for different situations.

Author Bio
Always include an author bio on the sell sheet. This offers your audience another way to connect with you. Because an author bio is written in third person it is sometimes more difficult for the author to complete than the book itself. It does not have to be lengthy; just tell the reader what you want them to know about you and your interests.


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