Wednesday, December 3, 2014

If ‘Forever Free’ is one step too far…

So, as an indie author or publisher, you are convinced that the idea to offer your book for free is a good approach, but you’re not ready to commit to setting it to free permanently. Or you only have one book and you don’t see how you could chop it up into serialized work and offer part 1 for free. In that case, Babelcube’s temporary promos are what you need.

Pick your own terms

A new feature at Babelcube is that you can run limited-time—one to seven day—promotions whichever way you like. Want to lower the price of your $3.99 book to 99 cents for a couple of days? No problem. Want to set the price to free for just one day to boost visibility and get more paid sales after the price reverts back to the usual retail price? That is a possibility, too. On, post-free sales don’t really happen like they used to anymore (you need a lot of downloads for that to occur these days), but in other Amazon stores, the ‘bump’ in sales after coming off a free promotion is still very much a thing. And the best news is that with Babelcube, you are allowed to run promos on that book every month, not every 90 days like with KDP—which most self-published authors are limitation to.

Try it out today

As the rights holder, if you think a promo for your book just before the holidays kick off might be a good idea, go to your Babelcube account now. In your account click ‘Promotions’ next to any of your published books in the Translations tab. You need to schedule your promotion two weeks ahead; but once you have, Babelcube will do the work for you. No manual changing of prices on all the different book retailers – Babelcube sets them all to the price you desire and changes them all back when you want, in one fell swoop. Running promotions on your ebooks has never been easier.